Stone Mountain Treasure Hunters Metal Detecting Club of Atlanta, Georgia.

Stone Mountain Treasure Hunters 2010 Fall Beach Hunt

October 9th, 2010, we met at a beach on Lake Lanier. The weather cooperated for a beautiful fall day of metal detecting. There were 21 members that were able to attend the hunt. Members paid $10 to hunt. About 9 AM, Hunt Master Doug Beaver, gave us “the rules of engagement” for the hunt. We were not allowed to hunt the whole beach. With the high lake level, we had ~ 1/3 of the beach area that we have had available to hunt in previous years. Two tokens were planted for a $5 discount on the club’s November Seeded Coin hunt. The beach was in great condition but was even better after our hunt! We cleaned up a plastic grocery bag full of debris, mostly metallic trash like pull tabs, bottle caps, and soda cans that could have caused injury to someone’s feet.

In 2008, a total of 2940 coins equal to $190.87 were recovered.

In 2009, a total of 1995 coins equal to $101.16.

The average of each coin found was $0.05. The average dollar amount of coins found by each hunter was $7.23.

This year we did not calculate a dollar amount for the coins but 2207 coins were found.

The winner for the most coins dug was Robert Powell with 202 coins.

The discount tokens were found by Clinton Brian and Doug Sortino.

No gold was found this year but several silver rings and earrings were found.

Proceeds from the Beach Hunt will be used to buy additional large silver coins for the club’s November Seed Coin Hunt.  We also hope that some of the coins found will make their way to the Club’s “Dirty Money” donation jar for future club activities.

We all had a great time and hope to have this hunt as an annual club event for many years in the future!

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Stone Mountain Treasure Hunters 2010