Stone Mountain Treasure Hunters Metal Detecting Club of Atlanta, Georgia.

Stone Mountain Treasure Hunters Point System as of 08/01/2009

Download the Point System in PDF (55.7kb)

You must fill out a “Find of The Month” form for each month and indicate the points you have accumulated or should receive for each month. The form should be presented to the Vice President at the club’s monthly meeting. Points will not be awarded to a member without the supporting paperwork.

1. SPONSOR A CLUB HUNT (10 POINTS). In order to receive the points, you would be required to act as chairman of a completed treasure hunt sponsored by the Stone Mountain Treasure Hunters.

2. SPONSOR A GUEST SPEAKER (5 POINTS). This responsibility would include finding the speaker and scheduling the date by calling the Program Chairman for an open date. Then confirm that date with the speaker as well as the Program Chairman. You must get details on the speaker’s background for the newsletter and introduce the speaker at the club meeting.

3. GIVE A PROGRAM YOURSELF (5 POINTS). This presentation would have to be set up in advance by calling the Program Chairman for an open date and approved as part of the agenda for a given meeting.

4. ATTENDANCE (5 POINTS). You must be present for the business meeting as well as the entertainment segment of the meeting.

5. BRING A GUEST (2 POINTS). This is for first-time guest only and applies to the visiting family; i.e., if Mr. And Ms. Bob Jones attends a meeting as your guest, you will receive 2 points. The Club Contact person will not receive any points for guest visiting or joining the club as a result of a person contacting them for club information.

6. YOUR GUEST JOINS THE CLUB (4 POINTS). To receive the points, your guest(s) would have to pay membership dues either the night of the meeting or at or before the next meeting. Again, these points are per family.

7. ASSIST WITH A CLUB ACTIVITY (club hunt, off-site club presentation, club flea market, etc…) (10 POINTS).

8. BE AN OFFICER OF THE CLUB (10 POINTS). President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Program Chairman, Club Contact Person, Web Master, and Newsletter Editor.

RELICS – Defined as identifiable collectable items at least 100 years old, not to include printed matter, bottles, or Indian items.
COINS – Defined as coins either American or foreign, not to include tokens.
JEWELRY – Defined as gold, silver, or platinum jewelry, not costume jewelry. This may include broken sterling pieces, chains, watchcases, etc.
ARTIFACTS – Defined as Indian artifacts, toys, tools, personal accessories, tokens, costume jewelry, or anything not included in the previous three find category descriptions.

FIND OF THE MONTH – Only one item from any of the four categories above can be entered. The item can be returned to its regular category after FOTM voting is complete.

9. ENTER THE “FIND OF THE MONTH” (4 POINTS FOR EACH CATEGORY). You will receive 4 points for each of the four categories (Artifacts, Coins, Jewelry, and Relics) entered, no points are awarded for the “Best Find of The Month” category since items entered would fall into one of the previously mentioned categories. You may enter as many categories as you have finds.
A. You must have personally found all items you submit. You cannot submit an item that was given to you or that someone else found.

B. All finds entered must have been found since the last scheduled meeting. (Only the months of December and January may finds be combined, since we do not meet in December).

Individual finds may be entered in only one category. You be the judge. Once a find has been entered in a specific category, you may not switch to another category.

You must personally submit entries at each meeting. A friend or family member cannot represent you or submit finds for you.

You may display any number of candidates (finds) in any of the four categories (Artifacts, Coins, Jewelry, and Relics) – you are only limited to a single item for the “Best Find of The Month” category. A category is the same as an assortment or collection. (Changed 08-01-2009) The Find of The Month or Year entry can be a cache or hoard of items found in one hole as this is considered one item.

10. FIND OF THE MONTH WINNERS (5 points per category). You are eligible for Find of The Month winner in each category by entering your finds in that category. You should have some background information available to explain why it is your best find. As of 07/13, category winners will receive a silver dime for each category. In event of a tie, both members will receive a silver dime. The Find of The Month winner will receive a silver quarter.

11. FIND OF THE YEAR (5 points). In order to stimulate interest in entering the Find of The Year Contest, you will also be awarded 5 points for submitting one or more candidates (finds) in this contest. You will receive the 5 points whether you enter one, two, three or four candidates (finds) – NOT 5 POINTS FOR EACH ENTRY – the purpose of this change is to get a greater variety of items on display for the benefit of those in attendance.

12. FIND OF THE YEAR WINNER (25 POINTS). You may enter one candidate (find) in each of the four categories. Your entries must have been found in the previous 12 months and they need not have won for the respective month’s contest. As of 08/01/07, the winner will receive a silver round. In event of a tie, both members will receive a silver round and 25 points.

13. THE TOP TEN IN POINTS Coin prizes are no longer given for the top ten hunters in points. As of 2012, places 1 - 10 will either receive a check or cash, $0.15 per point.


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