Stone Mountain Treasure Hunters Metal Detecting Club of Atlanta, Georgia.

Stone Mountain Treasure Hunters
Policy on Live Ordinance

There are a number of variables to consider pertaining to safety but regardless, it is illegal to possess live ordinance. Especially in a public place without the appropriate FFL license. As for actual safety, it depends on the shell, where it was found and the type of fuse. Shells found in dry conditions are particularly dangerous but that does not mean that shells found in the water should be treated otherwise.

The chances of a common shell without a concussion type fuse as a Tice fuse detonating are not likely but it could happen. All live shells should be handled by an expert and disarmed as quickly and safely as possible. If law enforcement personnel were aware of a live shell in anyone's possession, they would immediately confiscate it and have it detonated or destroyed.

You may bring pieces of exploded cannonballs, fuses or shells; complete shells or cannonballs that have been de-activated.

For reasons of safety and liability:
If you have a shell or cannonball that is still live or that you do not plan to have de-activated, and it is not available for you to enter in the same month as found, we will wave the "enter in the same month as found" rule on these items.


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